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Specs & Submission




The Washington Post

Broadsheet Sections

Full Page: 6 columns (12”) x 21” = 126 column inches
Column Width: 1 column = 1.92"
Related Sections: Main News, Metro, Weekday Style, Sports, Health & Science, Food, Arts, Business, Outlook, Travel
To Note: Ads measuring over 18” will be billed at 21”, double truck billed as 12.5 columns

Download the Print Ad Sizing Chart

Tabloid Sections

Full Page: 5 columns (10”) x 12” = 60 column inches
Column Width: 1 column= 1.92”
Related Sections: Local Living, Weekend, Sunday Style
To Note: Ads measuring over 10” will be billed at 12”. Double truck billed as 10.5 columns

Download the Print Ad Sizing Chart

Classified Broadsheet Sections

 Full Page: 10 columns (12”) x 21” = 210 column inches
Column Width: 1.11"
10 columns = 2,950 lines
10 columns in Jobs = 2,529 lines
To Note: Ads measuring over 250 agate lines deep will be charged full column depth.  Double truck billed as 20.5 column inches
Related Sections: Cars, Real Estate, Real Estate Guide, Jobs

Download the Print Ad Sizing Chart

Classified Tabloid Sections

Page Size: 8 columns (10") x 12" = 96 column inches
Column Width: 1.25"
Related Sections: Ready to Rent

Download the Print Ad Sizing Chart

Preparing Your Ad

The Washington Post accepts ads created in both Macintosh and PC platforms, and we ask that your ads be converted to Portable Document Format (PDF).

If you do not already have the capability, you may install these files to automatically configure Acrobat Distiller for Washington Post specs. The settings files will work on both Mac and PC platforms. Instructions included.

Distiller 7.0
Distiller 8.0
Distiller 9.0 

* Attention Adobe Acrobat 5.0 AND UP Users: Please make sure that all security settings are left unchecked in Acrobat Distiller prior to sending your ad to The Washington Post. The use of the security feature will not allow The Washington Post to process and/or print your ad.

Equal Housing Logos
(Macintosh / Windows)
EPS Equal Housing Opportunity Logo
EPS Equal Housing Lender Logo

* Attention: HUD regulations provide that all advertising for the sale, rental or financing of residential real estate should contain an equal housing lender/opportunity logo, statement or slogan.

For the easiest transmission of your ads, please contact us to sign up for FTP (File Transfer Protocol). We offer this system as a free service to our advertisers.

Naming Conventions
The suggested naming convention for all digital newspaper display ad files is your Washington Post ad order number. You can obtain this number from your Post sales representative.

Ad Corrections
Corrections to digital newspaper ads must be made by the advertiser or agency and be resubmitted to our Digital Services group before printed deadlines. Use The Post ad order number followed by the letter "R" for replacement or corrected materials. For example, 0123456789R.

Replacement Artwork
If you send replacement art for a second time, add the number "2" after the letter "R". For example, 0123456789R2. Please notify your Post sales representative when you're sending replacement materials prior to the deadline.

[ ] Make sure that you book your ad space with your sales rep or his/her assistant.
[ ] Make sure that you are using a high-resolution (170 dpi) image.
[ ] Convert all colors to CMYK process.
[ ] The resolution of images should be no more than twice that of the line screen.
[ ] The Line screen for The Washington Post is 85.
[ ] Check to ensure that your file has been converted to a PDF or to PostScript format.
[ ] Make sure your ad has an ad order number. Check Naming Conventions.
[ ] Rename your file according to suggested Naming Conventions.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about The Washington Post advertising opportunities.