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Market Select Preprints


The Washington Post's exceptional editorial depth and breadth target readers' special interests and provide a broad range of powerful advertising environments including preprints.  In addition to the big Sunday plastic pack, preprints are also inserted in Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday editions.

Outer Wrap
A popular newspaper wrap, the subscriber home delivery bag (where available), envelops the entire newspaper.  Outer wraps offer an unlimited opportunity for creativity including coupons and samplers.

Capitol Hill Wrap
Cover the halls of Congress with your advocacy message, delivered exclusively to daily subscribers in the Senate and House office buildings, including officeholders and staff.  The wrap is an outer carrier for The Washington Post and features your half-page ad exclusively.  Priced comparably to Hill publications, the Capitol Hill Wrap is simple, affordable and effective.  America's leaders can't miss your message when it's wrapped around Capitol Hill's #1 choice for news.

Source: 2013 Washington Leadership Study, conducted by Nielsen Research

Pentagon Wrap
Get precision delivery of your defense, association or advocacy message.  A simple, effective tactic to target daily subscribers, military and civilian, inside the Pentagon.

Top of the Stack
Take the top spot in Sunday's popular insert package and be the first advertiser readers see when they're planning to shop.  Premium positioning top of the stack is available most Sundays and Thanksgiving Day, full or part run.

El Tiempo Latino
Preprints and Stickers are available in this established and highly targeted, free weekly Hispanic newspaper for a growing population.

Available In-Paper and In-Mail, advertisers of all sizes are able to order their preprinted inserts at a microzone or sub-zip level.  Microzoning allows advertisers to create a cost-effective buy to reach customers in the Washington region.  Advertisers can choose from over 400 zones to get an unduplicated, comprehensive reach of as much or as little of the market is needed.  We can customize the insert distribution based on store locations, geography and target audience demographics to deliver your insert to just the piece of a zip code that's right for you.  Microzoning distribution is available at a $5CPM premium.

2016 In Mail and In Paper Distribution Deadlines

2016 Period 3 In-Paper Brochure

2016 Outerwrap Distribution Rates & Deadlines

2016 P&D Ads Built by TWP Deadlines

2016 P&D Ready to Output Digital Sources Deadlines

2016 Express Ads Built by TWP Deadlines

2016 Express Ready To Output Digital Sources Deadlines

2016 Market Values

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Market Select's In-Mail program offers additional coverage of your target market by supplementing Washington Post reach with direct mail. Subscriber households receive your insert in their home-delivered Post; non-subscriber homes receive it in the mailbox wrapped by our Shopping Guide product.  No matter your target market, an insert in The Washington Post newspaper, supplemented by In-Mail, extends your coverage of the Washington market.

Post Marketplace

Post Marketplace is an extremely efficient way to reach the Washington market. 

This 8-page 4-color tabloid wraps our Post Plus direct mail, arriving weekly at non-subscriber homes on either Thursday or Friday.  Each page features a single advertiser and can be zoned up to three ways to reach your prime market area.

Microzoning is available.

In-Mail 2016 Period 3 Estimates Brochure
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Take advantage of The Post's creative, printing and distribution services for your preprint needs.

Post Card

The post card flyers are printed on card stock.  The post card size is 9" x 6".

Single Sheet

The single sheet is available in two standard paper stocks: offset is a full sheet version of the half sheet flyer; gloss coated uses 4-color process and is best for creative that uses photos and images requiring crisper definition. Heavier paper stocks, special inks (on the offset papers) and L-perforations for a reply card or coupon can be provided at an additional cost.

Wide Body

This attention-grabbing size is a great way to stand out and deliver your message to your target audience.  The Wide Body is 9.125" x 11.125" and is used by many advertisers including restaurants and cell phone providers.

Four-Page Flexie

This product has the same specifications as the single sheet products, but is printed as an 11" x 17" and folded. This product is ideal for brochure style presentations of products and descriptions.

Four-Page Wide Body

The largest of our standard products.  The 4-Page Wide Body size is 18.75" x 11.125" folded to 9.375" x 11.125".

Market Values

Market Values is a cost-effective way to reach a large portion of the market. Formatted as glossy two-sided sheet featuring a single advertiser on each side, Market Values is distributed in The Sunday Post newspaper and in-mail with the rest of the preprint marketplace. A cost-effective P&D offering featuring a single advertiser on each side in The Post.

Market Values Plus

Market Values Plus is the in-mail total market coverage extension of the in-paper Market Values product, featuring a single advertiser on each side.

El Tiempo Latino

P&D products can also be delivered in El Tiempo Latino, the award-winning free weekly targeted to the area's growing Spanish-speaking population.


A popular newspaper wrap, the subscriber home delivery bag (where available), envelops the entire newspaper. Outerwraps offer an unlimited opportunity for creativity including coupons and samplers.

Outerwrap 2016 Period 3 Estimates Brochure

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Now that you know what we're all about, we'd love to work with you.  Contact us for help in making your Market Select Preprints buy or if you have any general questions.  For answers to the specifics, check out our Rates, Deadlines and Opportunities pages to make sure you're ready to place your buy or download our Market Select Brochure for additional details.  We look forward to working with you!

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