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Sunday: 621,032

Source: 2013 AAM Audit - The Washington Post


Weekly Readership: 988,100

Source: Scarborough 2014, Release 2 - Washington DMA


The Washington Post Magazine arrives on readers' doorsteps with their Sunday Washington Post each week.  The Magazine entertains, and is a showcase advertising environment helping readers decide where to spend their time and money.  Engaged readers spend precious time with the magazine each weekend, looking forward to everything from its style content to its profiles of local well-knowns, to its weekly Date Lab feature, which has been helping Washingtonians find love for 25 years. 

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Washington Post Magazine content can be easily accessed digitally in multiple formats.  Magazine content can be found online within The Washington Post Magazine's section of, which highlights the stories chronicled in the print publication each week and encourages engagement with the stories and our community of online readers.  Additionally, the Magazine's content is available on Flipboard, allowing readers to experience the pages of the magazine on their tablet devices, where they can explore the content as it was intended, while sharing their favorite articles and interacting with friends through social network integration.

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The Post Hunt Event

Humorists/writers/wild and crazy guys Dave Barry, Gene Weingarten and Tom Shroder host the annual Post Hunt in downtown D.C. which typically draws over 10,000 “Hunters”.  The Post Hunt is a huge brainteaser – a kind of urban safari, where participants hunt for the answers to wacky and challenging puzzles woven into the streetscape of metro Washington.  The winning team (or solo brainiac) gets exciting prizes.

Custom Events

The Magazine is proud and happy to work with you on your custom advertising event.

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Now that you know what we're all about, we'd love to work with you.  Contact us for help placing an ad in the Washington Post Magazine, sponsoring an event or if you have any general questions.  For answers to the specifics, check out our Rates, Deadlines and Opportunities pages to make sure you're ready to place your ad.  We look forward to working with you!

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